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About Us

Charlie selling Lycanco products at the market

Charlie started LycanCo in 2018 as a result of struggling to find appropriate employment.

Recognising the need to take charge of his own future, he chose to find a way to combine many of the things he is interested in and started his own business.

From humble beginnings making natural soap products for the family furbaby, LycanCo has expanded to include an extensive range of artisan made health and beauty products for the whole family. 

Having survived the pandemic that hit 18 months after he started operating his business, Charlie has developed the business to now employ other neuro-diverse people and is looking forward to many new opportunities.

He can be found regularly at many of the artisan markets around Adelaide throughout the year, and his full range is available via his online shop: 

You can also find LycanCo products at:

You will find LycanCo’s range of hospitality products when you stay at gorgeous locations such as:

We hope you continue to enjoy your LycanCo products as much as enjoy creating them.