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Cool Essence: Why We Use Menthol in LycanCo's Shower Steamers

Ever wondered about that tingly, refreshing sensation menthol brings? It's like that cozy, comforting hug from Vicks VapoRub when you're feeling under the weather or the zesty kick from your minty toothpaste that wakes you up every morning. Menthol isn't just a background player; it's a star in its own right, bringing us back to those feel-good moments and connecting us to age-old wisdom through its cooling touch and myriad benefits.

From the ancient apothecaries of Japan, China, and Egypt to your modern-day shower, menthol has journeyed through time, proving its mettle. Whether it's distilled from peppermint or crafted into our lovingly made shower steamers, menthol stands out for its ability to refresh, rejuvenate, and relieve.

Speaking of shower steamers, have you tried our menthol-infused gems? They're not just about that lovely aroma. They're about turning your shower into a sanctuary where you can breathe easy, especially during allergy season or when those winter sniffles hit. They're about easing those muscle aches after a long day or providing that warm embrace on a frosty morning post-football game.

So, as we gear up for the colder days, imagine coming home from a chilly morning on the sidelines, stepping into a shower transformed by the warmth and comfort of LycanCo's shower steamers. It's our way of bringing a slice of history into your daily routine, warming you up from the inside out, and making those everyday moments a bit more special.

Stay cool (warmed?), stay refreshed, and remember, we're all about bringing nature's best to your daily ritual.