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Celebrating Father's Day in Australia

While many believe Father's Day was conceived as an equal response to Mother's Day, the real story has a bit more depth. The first documented celebration of Father's Day dates back to 1910 in Spokane, Washington, U.S., initiated by Sonora Dodd. Dodd wanted to express her deep appreciation for her father, a single parent and Civil War veteran who bravely raised six children on his own. 

The arrival of Father's Day on Australian shores is somewhat hazy, though it's generally accepted to have emerged around the mid-20th century. In keeping with our nation's spirit of inclusivity and recognition, Australia welcomed this dedicated day for fathers. Interestingly, unlike our American counterparts who celebrate in June, Australians have set the first Sunday of September for this tribute.

The reason for choosing September is not officially documented, but one might speculate it's related to the advent of Spring, marking a season of renewal and rejuvenation. Or maybe as a way to thank Dad at the end of a busy Footy season? Perhaps it is simply well-spaced between Mother's Day and Christmas. Regardless, it provides us with the perfect day to say thank you to all the dads out there - even the ones with the bad jokes.

We tend to celebrate the day with heartfelt sentiments and characteristic simplicity. Father's Day is a day for children of all ages to spend time with their fathers, often presenting them with gifts or handmade crafts, and sometimes treating them to breakfast in bed. For many families, providing ethical gifts is an important statement and commitment to the future, our LycanCo store can help you fulfil that commitment.

While school yards may fill up with Father's Day stalls bulging under the weight of handmade lamingtons and mugs with ‘World’s Best Dad’ inscriptions, the real essence of the day extends beyond material gifts. It is often a day for families to host special barbecues or watch a local game of football, acknowledging that time remains the best gift we can give to anyone we love.

In essence, Father's Day is about acknowledging the profound role fathers play in our lives. It's a day to say, 'thank you' and to ensure these pillars of our family know they are cherished. Not all dads are perfect, but all dads are perfectly suited to their families, and everyone deserves the chance to remember that.

So, whether your father is present in your life or lives in your cherished memories, let's take a moment to express our gratitude. A father signifies more than just a biological relationship. He is a hero, a mentor, a guiding light, and a steadfast support.

Therefore, to all the Australian fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, and father figures — Happy Father’s Day! Your contribution is invaluable, and this day honours the pivotal role you play. Remember, no matter how trite it may sound, in our eyes, you truly embody the 'World's Best Dad'.